Many flats posted on AirBnb have aspects that can upset vegan guests. However, if you make certain preparations in advance, your home will become more attractive to vegans.

Fur and horns

You are entitled to design your flat how you see fit but it’s worth understanding that furs and horns all about the apartment may repel people. Some will ask you to remove these decorations for the time of their stay, while others will simply close your posting.

What can you do about it? Ideally - not use these types of decorations, but you could just mention that putting them away is possible. This way vegans will know that you respect their wishes.

Also try to prevent other household items from becoming an unpleasant surprise. For example, people probably won’t see a knife with a bone handle on the pictures of your AirBnb. So, a vegan guest will be able to notice something like this only upon their arrival and their mood will be ruined.

Vegan is suitable for everyone

Kelly Sikkema

So, we have come to the main rule that will help you keep being a caring host. Make it a habit to choose vegan items for your flat.

Need soap to put in your bathroom? Buy Synergetic or Magic Drive, for example. They are vegan but they don’t stand out and can be used by non-vegans as well.

You can choose the shampoos and shower gel on a similar basis. If your vegan guests forget to bring their own, vegan toiletries in you bathroom will be a pleasant surprise! To determine which products are vegan use the site instead of the product labels as the latter often lie.

Even breakfast can be vegan

Etienne Girardet

Some homeowners keep breakfast cereals and other groceries to please their guests. As with the other examples, here you can choose normal groceries that happen to be suitable for vegans too.

For example, if you usually buy Nesquick cereal, choose another kind as Nesquick contains vitamin D that is obtained from sheep wool. There are other brands that produce similar cereal without this vitamin, though, for example “Lyubyatovo”.

If you leave a carton of milk in the fridge then put a carton of plant milk, too.

Offer syrup instead of honey as it is not eaten not only by vegans but also by non-vegans with allergies. And if you’re filling a vase with candy, consider “Babaevskiy” many of which are vegan.

On top of that, make sure that there isn’t anything extra in your freezer - a packet of chicken legs, for example. Yes, some of us had actually seen that.


Rebecca Peterson-Hall

There were times when we came across candles which we really wanted to light up but they weren’t vegan. Choosing a vegan candle made from soy wax for your Airbnb will make both vegans and ecologically-aware people happy as candles from plant wax do not release harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Your food recommendations

If you have written a board of recommendations right inside the AirBnb, then make sure that it includes vegan meals or even vegan cafes. You can find these places through “Vegan Map”.

Most probably, your vegan guests have prepared in advance but maybe not. In any case we will be happy to see recommendations on vegan meals in your city.

Edited by Katerina Anikeeva.

Translated by Sofya Pervukhina.