Berlin is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world and there is a reason. During the week that I spent in the capital of Germany, I was convinced of this. And that's why:

  • Prices for vegan products are lower than in Russia. For example, a carton of soy milk can be bought for €1.29 and a pack of schnitzels for €3.
  • Almost every eatery has vegan options. However, do not forget to specify the composition: the dish can be vegan or vegetarisch.
  • Local fast-food outlets have vegan options. For example, Big Vegan in Mac. At Subway you can mix Vegan Patty with vegetables and choose a sauce: smocked BBQ, hot chili, or vegan garlic aioli. Burger King has Rebel Whopper, but mayonnaise should be excluded from it since it contains eggs.
Big Mac from McDonalds
  • One word  – Veganz. This is a manufacturer of vegan products and a supermarket. Just imagine a little supermarket which is packed with food for vegans. Isn't this a vegan paradise? I liked all Veganz products, but there are other brands in the supermarket.
Vegan mock meats at Veganz in 2020
  • Usual supermarkets are also full of vegan food. You can go to any Rewe and buy yourself imitation of meat, plant-based milk, yogurt, chips, sausages, ice cream and much more.
  • Many supermarkets produce vegan food under their own brand. For example, I bought Rewe soy milk, and contrary to my expectations, it was delicious. As for me, such products are usually rather weak. I also saw vegan mayonnaise and ice cream of this brand.
  • Many foods are labeled as vegan. In Germany certification of products in the V-label is popular. Every ingredient is checked, and, if everything is ok, they get the right to place the Vegan mark on the packaging (it is paid). The V-label also certifies vegetarian food so be careful with the labels.
Be careful with the V-Label
  • Vegan meats are at their best here and are not so expensive. For example, I fell in love with fish sticks. There are 3 pieces in a pack, they cost €3. Tastes exactly what you need.
  • At the regular Rossman cosmetics store you can buy vegan cosmetics, hair dye, condoms and even some vegan food: chocolate and TVP.

From a vegan perspective, Berlin is the perfect city for me.

Translated by: Jana Beresneva.