1. We had booked accommodations with a kitchenette, so we had access to basic cooking essentials.
  2. I carried with me all the necessary ingredients for easy meals on the go.
    - instant oats,
    - almond butter,
    - flax powder + ground chia mix,
    - red lentil pasta,
    - quinoa,
    - spice mix (curry powder + black pepper),
    - garbanzo flour + garlic powder for pancakes,
    - packaged fruit purées just in case we were outside and needed a quick snack for her,
    - one avocado,
    - small bottle of olive oil.
  3. As soon as we reached the destination (Heidelberg), we went to Edeka and got some fresh berries, a mango soy yogurt (Alpro, without added sugar), an Alpro skyr style yogurt (natur ohne zucker), more avocados and some bananas.
  4. I also brought Avni's bowls, spoons, water sippers and boxes to carry food everywhere

For breakfast (for 3 mornings), I mixed some hot water from the kettle with instant oats, added nut butter & mashed banana, flax & chia, and expressed some breastmilk into it.

For easy on-the-go snacks, I had berries and a small box of mango yogurt. For lunch I carried a small box of cooked quinoa with spices & olive oil + soy yogurt. Also some avocado - easy to peel, scoop and feed anywhere. I breastfed her every 2 hours. For dinner back in the room I made her chickpea pancakes. They took me less than 2 mins to prepare. We also bought some bread and had a toaster in the room, so we could have used that to feed her some warm bread. But mostly Avni went to sleep early on all days and skipped dinner. I didn't get to use pasta or the packaged purées.

Editor: Arina B.

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